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Massage AND Aromatherapy Package


New Client Special

$75 for 50-Minute Massage AND Aromatherapy Package  ($95 Value)

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL! Only $75 for a 50-Minute, full body "Renova Escape" Massage, including warm towels AND Aromatherapy  

Energize your body and soothe your mind during this full-body, stress-relieving massage, including warm towels, from one of our top-rated, highly trained massage therapists. Unwind even further with enticing aromatherapy that invigorates the senses and creates a memorable experience. The blissful aromas will improve your well-being by reducing physical and emotional stress. Choose from our favorite assortment of 100% pure essential oils. 


Experience the amazing difference of a Renova Spa massage!

*Offer valid for new clients only

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