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Massage & Body Treatments

Begin your Renewal the RENOVA Way

Our massage therapists at RENOVA are passionate about the treatments they provide. In addition to offering various types of services, every therapist has their own individual specialty, utilizing their advanced techniques to leave your body feeling relaxed and renewed.

Massage enhancements are provided to supplement your RENOVA experience.  We want to personalize your experience and incorporate treatments based on your goals.



The 'Renova' Escape

50 minutes | $75

80 minutes | $110

A relaxing and stress relieving massage to help you feel rejuvenated.  Energize your body and soothe your mind during a single relaxing session.  


A Massage Medley

50 minutes | $85

80 minutes | $125

Enjoy a relaxing massage combined with deep tissue concentration for a specific area.  Ideal for the client that wants to enjoy more than 1 modality.

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point

50 minutes | $95

80 minutes | $135

Customized treatment to work deeper layers of your muscles.  Reduces discomfort of tension-bound muscles by maximizing specific pressure including elbows, thumb and forearm.

Massage + Reflexology

50 minutes | $85

80 minutes | $125

Combine our 'Renova Escape' massage enhanced with the benefits of reflexology.  Provides relief by applying pressure to certain points on the foot corresponding to areas of the body.

Prenatal Rest & Renew

50 minutes | $95

80 minutes | $125

Nurturing treatment for moms-to-be to help improve sleep, reduce stress, decrease swelling, and soothe muscle fatigue. (2nd or 3rd trimester only.)


Relaxing Massage &

Exilarating Body Scrub

75 minutes | $125

Enjoy a relaxing massage with an essential oil body scrub.  Treatment exfoliates and hydrates leaving your skin soft and smooth whle combined with a massage to relax and rejuvenate..



Hot Stones

0 minutes | $25

Add smooth, heated stones to provide added relief to stiff muscles and tension. Save for chronic pain, rheumatic/arthritic conditions, and fibromyalgia. 



15-30 minutes | $15 - $25

Incorporate a centuries-old practice using acupressure on the hands or feet. 

Exhilarating Body Scrub 

30 minutes | $65

Relaxing treatment with essential oils to gently exfoliate your skin for soft and glowing results.

Combine treatment with a massage for a more invigorating and relaxing experience!

Pain Relief Foot Massage

with Essential Oil Salt Scrub


A revitalizing foot treatment designed to invigorate the whole body.  The feet are massaged with an essential oil salt scrub to stimulate and enhance circulation. After your feet are wrapped, stretched, and compressed in hot towels, they are massaged with a hydrating foot balm.


CBD Treatment 


Step up your relaxation and combine our CBD treatment.  In addition to the anti-inflammatory benefits, you will receive next level tension relief for hours to come.


Back Scrub w/Hot Towel Treatment




Aromatherapy Treatment  | $10

Unwind with enticing aromatherapy that invigorates the senses and creates a memorable experience.  The blissful aromas will improve your well-being by reducing physical and emotional stress.


Choose from our favorite assortment of 100% pure essential oils.


*We only use GC/MS tested essential oils to ensure 100% pure and natural without any fillers.  




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